Funding Programmes

Young scholars can profit from a number of programmes, provided both by the University and external sources, to help fund their academic careers. From funding a doctorate to funding an own position, a junior research group or a period of stay abroad lasting several years in the postdoc phase, a comprehensive supply of general or target group specific funding programmes is available. The Research Support Centre will be happy to advise you on which format best suits your needs.

University Funding Programmes

State Graduate Funding (Landesgraduiertenförderung)
Read more about the State Graduate Funding

Bogislaw Scholarship
Read more about the Bogislaw Scholarship 

Start-Up Funding
Read more about start-up funding possibilities

Mentoring Programme
Read more about the mentoring programme

Käthe Kluth Junior Research Programme
More about the Käthe Kluth Junior Research Programme [de]

Funding opportunities especially for women
More about funding opportunities for women [de]

Travel Cost Allowances for Active Participation at Conferences
More about travel cost allowances

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