Working Group Healthy University

The working group "Healthy University" serves to promote the health of members of the university community. It meets regularly to discuss and decide upon needs, possibilities and measures.

Thanks to the competencies of our internal staff and counselling offices, the online courses of University Sports and the offers provided by our cooperation partners, we are already able to provide a wide range of assistance.

Healthy studies

Strengthening personal strengths to master challenges in your studies

Studying is a time that offers a whole load of new things, but is also very demanding - the daily study routine has to be organised, a lot of new information has to be absorbed, and your social life should not be neglected either. Studying under COVID-19 conditions has brought extra challenges such as digital teaching and a reduction in the number of social contacts.

For more information on the courses provided by the Institute of Psychology click here [de].

Working from home on the rise

For some, working from home represents a future-oriented way of working; for others, it is an unpleasant requirement in times of COVID-19. Especially people who have no experience of working from home must first get used to the new situation. After all, the completely different work environment comes with several new challenges.

These challenges include:

  • the lack of structure provided by the office environment,
  • the increased distraction due to private matters,
  • the increased difficulty of separating private and professional life, and
  • the change in communication with the line manager and colleagues.

Further information on working from home is available in German from our Health and Safety Department [de] and the DGUV [de].

If you would like to do a short exercise at home, take part in our "Active Break" [de].

Active Break

The "Active Break" for staff and students is taking place again online. In small exercise sessions, we instruct you in person and hope to bring some relief to your home or office. You can register on University Sport’s website from 29 November [de]. Alternatively, we would like to point out the short videos that are available on the “Bildungsserver M-V”. Why not take a few minutes every day for your health?

Rapid test centre in Greifswald

In view of the current situation, we would like to refer you to a short video produced by Moritz TV. A test centre was opened in the former cafeteria in the heart of Greifswald on 24 March. You can register for an appointment online. This is certainly a way of making a contribution to the pandemic and protecting others. Maybe this will be play a vital role in opening up facilities. All further details are available in German in Moritz TV’s film on Youtube:

Help for students in times of COVID-19

Once again we would like to point out the support available from the Institute of Psychology [de].

The video clips [de] and other offers provide you information and support for dealing with different types of stress and psychological problems. For example, the Institute presents strategies that come from evidence-based (i.e. scientifically proven to be effective) psychotherapy methods. These short video clips are intended as self-help to help you cope better with stress.

In addition, Prof. Eva-Lotta Brakemeier, a recognised expert on depression, provides short texts, tips and recommendations on how to deal more effectively with depressive moods during this time of crisis.

Staying fit in times of COVID-19 - a podcast

In cooperation with University Communications, we have compiled some tips (in German) on how to stay fit despite having to change habits during contact restriction periods. You can find the corresponding podcast on the University of Greifswald's YouTube channel under the title Herausforderung Homeoffice – wie bleibe ich in Bewegung?


Dear Members of the University Community in Greifswald,

My name is Michael Bödow. I am head of University Sport and entrusted with the management of the ‘Healthy University’ project. Please send any questions or suggestions to the email address: gesunde_uniuni-greifswaldde

Stay safe and stay healthy!

Michael Bödow
Head of University Sport