Working Group Healthy University

'Healthy University' of Greifswald

Under the umbrella of the "Healthy University" are the two pillars of Workplace Health Management (WHM), which targets employees, and Student Health Management (SGM), which focuses on students.

Thanks to the competencies of our internal staff and counselling offices, the online courses of University Sports and the offers provided by our cooperation partners, we are already able to provide a wide range of assistance. On this page you will find health-related services and information.


Our vision is to establish a structured, lasting and comprehensive university health management system 

  • which takes into account all university members and includes their participation,
  • which incorporates the topic of health in the sense of well-being as a cross-sectional topic and relevant target variable in the mission statement as well as in the culture of the university,
  • follows the 10 quality criteria of health-promoting universities
  • and works on the basis of analyses that can be validated.

Areas of our Healthy University


Working Group Healthy University

Please use our dedicated account for questions or suggestions: gesunde_uniuni-greifswaldde

Michael Bödow

Head of University Sport


  • Head of the "Healthy University" project 
  • Head of the Workplace Health Management (WHM) Working Group


Inga Gerdes

Staff member at the SGM


  • Establishment of Student Health Management (SHM) at the University of Greifswald
  • Contact person for students with questions and suggestions concerning all aspects of health