Sights in Greifswald

Eldena Abbey Ruins

The abbey ruins in Eldena are one of the most well-known sights in Greifswald. Even Caspar David Friedrich drew these ruins.
One of the best-known Greifswalders, Caspar David Friedrich, made these ruins famous around the world with his paintings. He often used motifs from the town and sea in his art. The abbey ruins in Eldena are one of his central subjects, a symbol of romanticism. Today, no tourist can miss out on the abbey ruins. Greifswalders also know the walls as the location for jazz festivals and theatre performances.

Fishing Village of Wieck

Photo: Press and Media Relations Office

The maritime fishing village Wieck lies directly on the Ryck, which flows into the Bodden (Danish Wiek). The small village is popular not only with tourists, but also with Greifswald’s inhabitants.
Several times a day, the historical bascule bridge is opened by hand to make it possible for sailing yachts to reach the Baltic Sea. The bridge was erected in 1887 in Dutch style and is as much a part of Wieck today as fresh fish. The fish, by the way, is highly recommended, as you can enjoy it directly from a fishing boat or in a fish restaurant with a view of the sea.

Greifswald's Museum Harbour

Photo: Press and Media Relations Office

The Museum Harbour is located close to the historical old town and is one of the most beautiful places in Greifswald. The view of the Ryck and the historical ships create a maritime atmosphere. In summer, the Greifswalders bustle about in the Museum Harbour, after all, it is one of the favourite places to barbecue and relax in the town centre. If you don’t feel like barbecuing, you can enjoy fresh fish on one of the ship restaurants.