Fees & Contributions

Semester Fee

A Semester Fee of € 74,50 (or € 97.00 for freshers) must be paid every semester:

  Fee Amount
1) Fee for Student Body (Studierendenschaftsbeitrag) in accordance with § 4 of the Studierendenschaft’s Fee Regulations: € 11.00
2) Student Services Fee (Beitrag zum Studierendenwerk) in accordance with § 2 of the Studierendenwerk’s Fee Regulations (from winter semester 2018 onwards): € 60.00
3a) Re-Registration Fee according to the valid University Fee Regulations € 5.00
3b) Only for freshers: Enrolment Fee according to the valid University Fee Regulations € 26.00

These fees have to be transferred into the University account together with the enrolment or re-registration fee (cf. Administration Fees) either after the first enrolment or during the specified re-registration periods.

If you deregister from your degree course prematurely or if you are on a period of absence, you can apply for reimbursement of the semester fee for the Student Body and the Student Services. The application has to be submitted to the Students’ Registration Office (Studierendensekretariat). 

Administration Fees

The University charges administration fees for services according to the University’s Fee Regulations (Universitätsgebührenordnung). The most important fees for students are as follows: 

    Service Fee When due
1.   Enrolment fee € 26.00 upon request
2.   Re-registration fee € 3.50 upon re-registration
3. Issuance of: Any additional enrolment or deregistration certificate € 2.00 upon request
4.   Duplicate of student ID card € 12.00 upon request
5.   Transcript of records € 4.00 upon request
6.   Examination or degree certificates, transcripts of records and other certificates in English, unless this is standard as stipulated in the examination regulations € 12.00 upon request
7.   Print-out duplicate of examination certificate or degree certificate € 8.00 upon request
8. Delay fees: For late enrolment application € 10.00 upon request
9.   For late re-registration or change of programme € 10.00 upon request
10.   For late examination registration € 20.00 upon request
11. Certified copies: First certified copy of any certificate € 2.00 upon request
12.   Each additional certified copy € 2.00 upon request
13. Other: Entrance or supplementary examination for professionals (Zugangs- und Erweiterungsprüfung, § 19 LHG, State Higher Education Law) € 100.00 upon admission
14.   Application procedure for entrance or supplementary examination € 18.00 upon request