Recognition of Study Achievements Completed Abroad

Ideally, a period of stay abroad should not prolong your overall length of study! The recognition of study achievements completed abroad should be clarified prior to departure! If you fail to sort out the relevant credit transfer arrangements before you travel abroad, recognition of study abroad credits after you return will be much harder or in some cases no longer possible.

The following aspects must be considered:

  • Contents: Find out early on about the courses on offer at potential host universities and discuss with your subject coordinator which courses or modules you should take. If you plan to do an internship abroad you should also clarify the required contents of the internship prior to the start.

  • Stage of study: When is a period of stay abroad typically planned for your degree course? Some degree courses have arranged so-called mobility windows for your plans (see examination regulations).

  • Duration: How long does your compulsory period of stay have to be? What is the minimum or maximum funding length of the programme that you would like to apply for (e.g. Erasmus+)?

Recognition Procedure

Before you Travel

The so-called Learning Agreement is a guarantee that the study achievements will be recognised and is set up prior to the start of the period of stay abroad. If you are wanting to take part in the Erasmus+ programme or go on a university exchange, you will find the corresponding document in the forms section of the respective area of the website. We recommend persons going on individually organised periods of stay abroad also sign a Learning Agreement (free mover) or a traineeship agreement (internship). Feel free to use the templates on our website.

After you Return

After you return, submit the Learning Agreement and the Transcript of Records or internship report from the host university to your subject coordinator. S/he will check and confirm the equivalence of the achievements and pass their decision on to the examination board. Please use the form Request Form for the Recognition of Coursework and Examinations [de]. The examination board issues a written confirmation of recognition. The confirmation contains the details of the modules and courses for which the coursework and examinations completed abroad have been recognised. These are then indicated on the Transcript of Records issued by the University of Greifswald. In certain circumstances, additional achievements that were completed abroad can be noted on a Diploma Supplement.