University of Greifswald’s Senate Elects Three New Pro-Rectors

Prof. Dr. Konstanze Marx ©Vincent-Leifer
Prof. Dr. Konstanze Marx ©Vincent-Leifer
Prof. Dr. Lars Kaderali, ©Vincent-Leifer
Prof. Dr. Lars Kaderali, ©Vincent-Leifer
Dorthe G.A. Hartmann, ©Vincent-Leifer
Dorthe G.A. Hartmann, ©Vincent-Leifer

The elected Pro-Rectors had presented themselves in a joint video at an online event held for all members of the university community in January, during which they answered questions from the online chat. In order to guarantee the election procedure was legally binding, the multistage nomination and election procedure was run as a postal ballot.

‘The new structure of the Rectorate takes the considerably raised demands on a modern university governance into account, reflecting an extension of and change to the kinds of tasks and responsibilities. Furthermore, in my opinion, it is important that all of the members of the university community are suitably represented in order to provide an adequate perception of the various perspectives of all member groups, including the students, and thus to provide a level playing field for all groups and enable active participation in decision-making processes,’ explains Prof. Dr. Katharina Riedel, Rector of the University of Greifswald from 1 April 2021.

Short introductions to the elected Pro-Rectors

Prof. Dr. Konstanze Marx (Faculty of Arts and Humanities)
She has been elected Pro-Rector for Communication Culture, Staff Development and Gender Equality.
‘In my opinion, it is particularly important that the University makes plans to become a location for connectivity, interaction, a place for listening and constructive exchange. On the one hand, I bring with me my expertise as a linguist, whose research focuses on interpersonal interaction in the age of digitisation, and on the other hand, my experience from various organisational structures.’

Prof. Dr. Lars Kaderali (University Medicine Greifswald)
He has been elected Pro-Rector for Research, Digitisation and Transfer.
‘In my opinion, it is particularly important that as academics, we don’t just apply academic methods and generate scientific results, but that we also pass these on and adopt them for society. I would like to make the University of Greifswald even more visible as a location for excellent research, but also a voice that counters conspiracy myths and unscientific claims with scientific facts. I bring with me several years of experience as a scientist at various national and international research institutes, experience in the industry and politics, as an expert, consultant, and also IT entrepreneur.’

Dorthe G. A. Hartmann (Faculty of Law and Economics)
She has been elected Pro-Rector for Teaching, Teacher Training and Internationalisation.
‘In my opinion, it is particularly important that the University of Greifswald ascertains synergies between organisational units, also those outside of the University and abroad, and uses them for students, teaching staff, researchers and all other staff members. I bring with me long-term experience in university teaching, in which collaborative learning and competence-oriented teaching are developed using digital formats, in turn enhancing the quality of teaching. My contributions toward university bodies and my external activities as an expert and member of the alliance LehrehochN make it possible for me to recognise the potential for change and to develop and realise strategies.’

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