Information about Ongoing Professorial Appointment Procedures

This page provides you with an overview of ongoing professorial appointment procedures at the University of Greifswald (not including University Medicine Greifswald). Please find the current list of open professorial positions here.

The appointment process is described by the following steps:

  1. Lecture invitations
  2. Lectures
  3. Assessment
  4. Recommendation for appointment
  5. Offer of professorship
  6. Acceptance of professorship

Professorship Faculty Application deadline Status
W2 Environmental Ethics MNF extended to 17/11/2023 Lecture Invitations
W2 General Geology MNF extended to 14/08/2023 Lectures
W3 Pure Mathematics MNF 19/08/2022 Offer of professorship
W2 Optimisation MNF extended to 15/07/2022 Offer of professorship
W2 Biochemistry III MNF extended to 08/07/2022 Acceptance of professorship
W2 Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology and Psychotherapy MNF 06/01/2023 Recommendation for appointment
W3 Didactics of English PHF 03/01/2023 Offer of professorship
W2 Machine Learning MNF 15/05/2023 Lectures
W1 Tenure Track W3 Primary Education with a Focus on Natural and Social Sciences and their Teaching at Primary Level PHF 22/05/2023 Lectures


MNF - Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

PHF - Faculty of Arts and Humanities

RSF - Faculty of Law and Economics

THF - Faculty of Theology

UMG - University Medicine


FLI - Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut Federal Research Institute for Animal Health

HZI - Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research