Student Grants

If your own or your parents’ income is insufficient to finance your living costs and your study materials during your course, you might qualify for a student grant (BAföG) according to the Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz (German Training Assistance Act).


The student grant (BAföG) is not awarded automatically, it has to be applied for. The amount you get from the grant depends on many factors. As the financial situation of students varies greatly, we would recommend that every student should apply. The necessary forms can be collected in the Studierendenwerk (Student Services) or by sending in a stamped (€ 1.45) self-addressed A4 envelope. 

Start of Grant

Please note that the BAföG grant commences at the earliest in the month when your course actually starts and no earlier than in the month in which you submit your application. It is not possible to get it retrospectively, so be sure to apply early. 

Other Funding Options

Besides BAföG student grants, there are other funding options available (scholarships).  The scholarships are awarded on merit by institutions under private law (foundations, clubs) or foundations from the business sector to high achieving students following a selection process. Scholarships are awarded on an individual basis.
Information on funding options is available from the Students’ Union (AStA) office, in the Studierendenwerk (Student Services) and from Academic Counselling & Course Enquiries.
It is not possible to receive a BAföG grant and a scholarship at the same time. 

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