Doctoral Candidate Devu Mahesan Awarded the 2024 DAAD Prize from the University of Greifswald

Devu Mahesan, recipient of the University of Greifswald's DAAD Prize 2024, © Gina Heitmann
Devu Mahesan, recipient of the University of Greifswald's DAAD Prize 2024, © Gina Heitmann

Devu Mahesan, this year's award winner, is distinguished not only by her remarkable achievements in research, her commitment to teaching and her active social engagement, but also by her interdisciplinary scientific background. As a doctoral student at the University of Greifswald in the field of cognitive psychology, she combines her expertise from the fields of cognitive science and data analytics to research control processes in human behaviour. Her role in planning and organising conferences at the Institute of Psychology is particularly noteworthy. Initiated by Devu Mahesan, the annual doctoral workshop "ADok" took place for the first time in Greifswald in 2023.

In her role as a lecturer, Devu Mahesan holds her seminars in English and uses her interdisciplinary approach to teach bachelor's and master's students in a practice-oriented and interactive way. She works together closely with her colleagues and brings in her international experience to promote cultural exchange among students. Her passion for teaching and mentoring is also evident in her supervision of bachelor's and master's dissertations and in leading a team of several student assistants.

"I am extremely proud of Ms. Mahesan, who not only shines through her impressive academic achievements, but also through her tireless social commitment. She is passionate about intercultural projects and initiatives in our region that promote acceptance and reduce prejudices," acknowledges her supervisor, Prof. Dr. Rico Fischer.

Devu Mahesan is not only active in the academic world, but is also strongly involved in social and cultural projects. Her passion for imparting knowledge is not something she has only recently pursued: in her home in Kerala, South India, and during her studies in Mumbai, she was involved in various charitable projects, such as the Nyasa Foundation and the Akansha Foundation, where she taught socially disadvantaged students mathematics, science and English. This commitment has continued to this day. Devu Mahesan currently works for the Renuka’s Mathematics Centre in Kerala and provides students with advice and support online, be it with her specialist knowledge of psychology during stressful school phases or with her professional experience when it comes to questions about study advice. As an active member of MalluGreifs, a community that organises cultural events to celebrate the rich culture of Kerala, she reaches people in Greifswald beyond the international community. Learning from each other in intercultural exchange is particularly important to her. She is also involved with Jience, a platform that promotes fair and bias-free science by optimising application processes. Here, she contributes to promoting diversity and inclusivity with research-based findings and psychological perspectives.

She plans to continue to her professional commitment in the future and, in her role as a researcher, to inspire young people to become interested in science.

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