Study Trips and Excursions

Group study trips to destinations all over the world can receive funding through the PROMOS programme. Apart from gaining subject-related knowledge and insights into the country that is being visiting, the trips should provide participants with the opportunity to meet local students and academics. Trips that have a predominantly touristic character and trips to lectures or congresses cannot receive funding.

  • The maximum funding duration is twelve days.
  • Group requirements: minimum of five and maximum of ten students or doctoral candidates as well as an excursion leader (lecturer or professor at the University of Greifswald). The excursion leader takes responsibility for selecting the participants for the study trip. Exchange students cannot receive PROMOS funding.
  • The grant covers a daily allowance per participant. For trips to EU member states, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey, this amounts to 30 EUR, for all over countries 45 EUR.

Important: No grant can be made if there is a travel warning from the Federal Foreign Office [de] for the country you plan to visit.

Application Procedure

Only excursion leaders can apply for group study trip grants. Students and doctoral candidates should therefore contact lecturers in their subject areas. Applications are made by submitting the following documents directly to the International Office:

  • Application form[de] (please enter the contact details of the excursion leader)
  • List of participants[de] (please enter the names of all of the participants) 
  • Detailed explanation of the relevance and contents of the trip
  • Excursion programme/schedule including arrival and departure days
  • Confirmation from the partner abroad (e.g. invitation via email, visa invitation)

Application Deadlines

  • 15 November for plans between January and the end of June of the following year
  • 15 May for plans  between July and the end of December of the current year

The selection committee will decide whether the application meets the required standards. Notification as to whether the application was granted or not will be issued approx. four weeks after the application deadline.

Concluding Documents

PROMOS funding shall only be granted if you submit the following documents via email to


within four weeks after you have returned from your study trip:
  • Report (no specified form; in which you provide details about the trip with regard to the organisation of the study trip and the trip itself, and evaluate the success of the study trip)
  • Confirmation of receipt of funding from the persons who went on the trip (the International Office will send you a template via email)