Finnish Ambassador Visits the University

The image shows Prof. Dr. Marko Pantermöller, H.E. Ambassador Dr. Kai Sauer, and Rector Prof. Dr. Katharina Riedel during the signing of the guest book in the university's Aula
H.E. Ambassador Dr. Kai Sauer signing the university’s guest book. © Patrick Geßner, 2024

The Finnish Ambassador informed himself about the University of Greifswald and held talks with the Rectorate. In the afternoon, he signed the university’s guest book in the Aula. Afterwards, H.E. Ambassador Dr. Kai Sauer held a public lecture on current security issues and Finland’s foreign policy. The audience were then given the opportunity to ask the Ambassador questions.

The Rectorate presented the Ambassador with a textile reprint of a six-page map from the University Library. The title: Orbis Arctoi, Imprimisque Regni Sueciae Nova & accurata descriptio / Autore Andrea Bureo Sueco etc. (New and accurate portrayal of the northern region, especially the Kingdom of Sweden) by Anders Bure (1571 - 1646). The map was published in Wittenberg in 1631.

Greifswald’s University Library has an outstanding collection of old Finnish prints. These are so significant that the National Library of Finland has asked University Library Greifswald to digitise collections from the period of Swedish legal deposit, as the National Library only has access to copies of inferior quality.


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