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Types of Degree

Kinds and Contents: Types of Degree and Degree Courses

The type of degree is the way the University suggests you achieve your study goal. Thus, the type of degree, combined with two or three courses, leads to a specific kind of qualification, only courses offering the same final qualification can be combined.

On the one hand, the University of Greifswald offers consecutive Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, some of which can be studied with two courses, as degrees from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. In the other faculties, one-course degrees are on offer as Diplom degrees.

These types of degree end with a university qualification: Bachelor/Master and Diplom. These are university qualifications because they are awarded after passing a university exam.

Apart from university qualifications, the University also offers degrees which end in State Examinations. The final exams for these types of degree (Law, Medicine, Pharmacy, Teaching,...) are not run by the University, but by state examination bodies.

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