DFG’s Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Prize to be Awarded to Researcher from the University of Greifswald

Portrait of Junior Professor Dr. Isabelle Dolezalek
Portrait of Junior Professor Dr. Isabelle Dolezalek, © Wally Pruß, 2021

The German Research Foundation explained the reason for awarding the prize to Dr. Isabelle Dolezalek from the university’s Caspar David Friedrich Institute with the fundamentally new insights into the political, religious and cultural relations of the Middle Ages that can neither be understood in national categories, nor in divisions such as 'East' and 'West'. In addition, the award winner also successfully incorporates aspects of knowledge transfer in many of her research projects.

“I am greatly honoured to receive the award! I am particularly pleased that the award recognises a research profile that moves between different academic disciplines with a focus on European and Islamic history of art and that places importance on the dissemination of research findings at schools and museums," says the award winner, Junior Professor Dr. Isabelle Dolezalek.

"I would like to sincerely congratulate Dr. Isabelle Dolezalek on this award. The University of Greifswald is very pleased to have received this honour. It also confirms how important interdisciplinary approaches in all scientific fields are for modern research of today," says Prof. Dr. Ralf Schneider, Pro-Rector for Research, Digitisation and Transfer at the University of Greifswald.

Bettina Martin, Minister for Science, Culture, Federal and European Affairs of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern congratulates: "The Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Prize is a great honour for the young researcher Dr. Isabelle Dolezalek and a special recognition of her academic achievements. I would like to congratulate Dr. Dolezalek sincerely on this exceptional award and am pleased that we now have a prize winner in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern for the first time since 1997."

The Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Prize recognises outstanding research achievements by academics at an early stage of their careers. This year (2023), the German Research Foundation will award prizes to seven female and three male academics. The award winners can use the prize money for their further research work over a period of three years. The award is intended to support and encourage the award winners, who do not yet hold a permanent (professorial) chair, to pursue their academic careers. The prize is named after the nuclear physicist and former DFG President Heinz Maier-Leibnitz.

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