University of Greifswald Heavily Restricts Public Access to Campus

In addition to the measures that have already been met with regard to the cancellation of face-to-face teaching and all kinds of events, the postponement of scheduled examinations, and the closure of the University Library, the following measures enter into force immediately, i.e. from Tuesday, 17 March, up until and including 19 April 2020: 

  1. The University is no longer open to the public, this also applies to all kinds of consultation hours. All of the University’s facilities and institutions shall only be operated by a minimum number of staff. The facilities and institutions can only be contacted via email and/or telephone. Due to keeping the number of staff to a minimum, there may also be restrictions in the availability of staff members, even via telephone or email. 
  2. All of the computer rooms at the University have been closed.
  3. All sessions of the University’s bodies are cancelled. This includes the following in particular, but not exclusively: The Senate including the Senate’s committees, the faculty councils, examination boards, appointment commissions, and all student bodies. 
  4. No emergency childcare can be provided on the university campus. Children cannot be taken to the workplace.

We are aware of the massive consequences for all of the University’s areas of activity. However, we can assure that we are currently looking for pragmatic solutions for all of the effects. For example, the members of teaching staff have been asked to create plans for face-to-face teaching and examinations for the period after face-to-face teaching has been reinstated.

Please have understanding for these measures. I ask you to regularly consult the up-to-date information that can be found in the FAQs on our website.

Prof. Dr. Johanna Weber


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