In order to encourage the transfer of their research results, the University and University Medicine have worked together with the other publicly financed universities and research institutes of the State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in the Verwertungsverbund M-V (VVB) since 2002.

With the aim of protecting the ownership and exploiting your ideas, we accompany you in all phases from the notification of an invention to the application for a patent and the patent commercialisation.

The VVB is supported by a patent commercialisation agency, the Universität Rostock Service GmbH (URS). The URS checks the notifications of inventions it receives with regard to their level of innovation, patentability and exploitability. If a patent application is submitted, the URS accompanies the patenting and exploitation process in close collaboration with the inventor.

The External Funding Department provides support with notifications of inventions and patents, and organises the cooperation with URS, for the University of Greifswald (without University Medicine Greifswald). The person to contact is Dr. Juliane Huwe.

Notification of an Invention

You can find further information in German on the VVB’s website: [de]

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