Tasks of the Senate

Right of Information

The Senate is responsible for:

  • differing decisions about the spread of resources and the announcement of vacant professorships,
  • the decree of doctoral regulations and the Habilitation Regulations,
  • the conferment of the right to teach, of the title außerplanmäßiger Professor (extrabudgetary professor), and of the title Honorarprofessor (honorary professor),
  • the consultation of the report from the Rectorate and its discharge,
  • decisions regarding the University’s Development Plan,
  • the election of the Disability Officer,
  • making a statement to the building of or change of a central academic facility and the allocation of tasks to a central, academic institution; and to the new appointment of a director of one of the central academic institutions according to § 26, Sub-Section 2
  • decisions concerning the Economic Plan and Budget with regard to the corporate assets and the discharge of the Rectorate,
  • the creation of an audit committee


The Extended Senate is made up of 36 representatives of the teaching staff, the academic staff, the students and other members of staff at a ratio of 12:6:12:6 (Extended Senate). 22 members of the Extended Senate form the Reduced Senate. These are the members who gained the top mandates of their respective groups. The Reduced Senate is thus made up of the first twelve representatives of the teaching staff, the first four representatives of both the academic staff and the students and the top two elected representatives of the group of other members of staff. The representatives of the member groups are elected by the members of each of the University’s member groups in direct, free, equal and secret ballot elections according to the principles of personalised proportional representation. Votes are given according to lists containing the candidates’ names that were put forward in a valid fashion.