The Senate: The University’s Parliament

The Senate in June 2018 – Photo: Magnus Schult

The Academic Senate was last elected in January 2018, for the duration of two years. Its term of office started on the 1st April 2018. Alongside the Rectorate, the Senate is the second central organ of the University.

Depending on the area of responsibility, the Senate is divided into the Reduced and Extended Senate. The student members of the Senate each act for one year.

The Reduced Senate decides - with exception of the basic regulations and the election regulations - the statutes and University regulations, especially the examination and study programme regulations; it positions itself to the faculties’ regulations. The Reduced Senate has to be heard before any organisational subdivisions or study programmes are created, changed or terminated.

Chairperson of the Senate
Prof. Dr. Maria-Theresia Schafmeister
Tel.: +49 3834 420 4590

Management of the Senate
Jutta Schmock (parental leave cover)
Tel.: +49 3834 420 1165 
Fax: +49 3834 420 1207