Expert*Innen / Expertise

Students on the biosciences MSc courses at the University of Greifswald learn about the species community of the intertidal zone of a rocky coast (Photo: Steffen Harzsch)

Institute for Biochemistry

Prof. Uwe Bornscheuer 

plastic biodegration; biocatalysis; enzyme function; protein engeneering

Institute for Botany and Landscape Ecology

Prof. Jürgen Kreyling

Coastal marshes; production and decomposotion of plant biomass; cultivation of macro-algae


Prof. Gerald Jurasinski

Formation conditions, vegetation dynamics, carbon turnover and greenhouse gas exchange of coastal peatlands

Institute of Geography and Geology

Prof. Claudia Wrozyna 

Coastal ecosystems, Paleoenvironmental reconstructions, ioindicators


Prof. Heiko Hüneke

Marine bottom currents and deep-sea sedimentation


Prof. Sebastian van der Linden

Earth observation of coastal areas; Monitoring of wetlands/peatlands


Prof. Torsten Haberzettl

anthropogenic impact on lagoonal systems and estuaries , environmental history of lagoonal systems and estuaries


Dr. Thomas Kasper

anthropogenic impact on lagoonal systems and estuaries , environmental history of lagoonal systems and estuaries, coastal ecosystems


Prof. Susanne Stoll-Kleemann

ocean literacy, littoral communities, sustainable sea use (e.g. diving), regional focus Baltic Sea and Mediterranean Sea


Prof. Christine Tamásy

Blue Economy


Prof. Daniel Schiller

sustainable regional development of coastal regions, blue bioeconomy

Institute of Microbiology

Dr. Marion Köster

marine microbial ecology; role of microbes in the carbon cycle, interactions beetween microplastics and plankton; coastal and offshore invironments


Dr. Mia Maria Bengtsson

Microbiomes of aquatic macrophytes and microalgae, community ecology of microbiomes, from microalgae to mammals, biofilms, macrophyte bed ecology (kelp forests/seagrass meadows), Peatland microbiomes


Prof. Tim Urich

Marine microbiomes, Archaea


Prof. André Scheffel

molecular physiology of microalgae; protein functions; biomineralization and the marine bioeconomy

Institute of Pharmacy

Prof. Thomas Schweder

Bacterial physiology; molecular mechanisms of marine polysaccharide degradation; marine symbioses; microbial biotechnology


Prof. Katharina Schauffler

antimicrobial-resistant (AMR) bacteria (in wastewater and surface water) in the Baltic Sea region; antibiotic residues

Zoological Institute and Museum

Prof. Alexander Wacker

variance effects on biological systems; multiple stressor research; plankton ecology


Dr. Erik Sperfeld

multiple stressor research; plankton ecology; brackish invertebrates


Prof. Steffen Harzsch

organogenesis in marine invertebrate larvae; sensory systems in crustaceans; neorobiology of ocean change; multiple stressor research


Dr. Eva Ehrnsten

benthic fauna; ecosystem modelling; marine biogeochemistry


Dr. Angela Schmitz-Ornés

marine avifauna