Prior to Departure

Before you leave Greifswald there are important things that you will need to address by certain dates.
Roughly three months prior to your departure, you will need to start your preparations. In the information listed below you will find an overview of what needs to be done and when.

However, please note that the list only outlines certain pointers and therefore is by no means complete. 

Three Months Prior to Departure

Usually, the statutory term of notice of three months to the end of the month applies. Notice should be sent in writing to the landlord prior to the deadline (preferably by registered post).

Renovating the Flat
Clarifiy the renovation measures and their costs as stipulated in the rental agreement with the landlord, the measures can be carried out by yourself or by a company. 

Electricity Provider

Terminate your contract with your electricity provider. The termination should be sent by post, demand a written confirmation that your termination was received on time. 

Gas and Water Providers

If you have direct contracts with the respective providers, they will need to be terminated in writing before the deadline. Demand a written confirmation that your termination was received on time. 

Telephone, Internet and (if applicable) Cable TV

Terminate your contracts with the respective providers. Demand a written confirmation that your termination was received on time.

Some of the providers occasionally have long terms of contract, if so you should pay special attention to the termination deadlines. If you are going abroad after living in Greifswald, you will usually be able to terminate your contract on special grounds, please ask your provider for more details. Often the providers will demand a certificate of deregistration that you can receive on request from the Einwohnermeldeamt (Resident Registration Office) when you deregister.
If you are moving to an address that is in Germany, problems often occur with the termination of cable tv contracts, if this is the case, please contact your provider directly. 

Television and Radio Licences - the Rundfunkbeitrag

Terminate your contract with the fee department of the television and radio licensing authority in writing. Demand a written confirmation that your termination of contract was received on time.

Final deregistration can only occur if you are moving abroad. The certificate of deregistration from the Einwohnermeldeamt (Resident Registration Office) is accepted as proof.

Online Deregistration [de]

Newspaper Subscriptions

Terminate any newspaper subscriptions you might have or inform them of your new address.
The termination deadline is usually three months, however, deviations may apply! 

Day Care Centres and Schools

Deregister your children from their day care centres and schools. You can ask the individual institutions for their respective terms of termination. 

Kindergeld/Child benefit

If you receive German Kindergeld inform the Familienkasse (Child Benifit Office) about your planned departure. Please make sure to add the Kindergeldnummer on each paper and to use one form for each child.
You can download the form here:
The form is available in German language only.

Pension Schemes

If you have been in employment which requires the payment of money into a mandatory pension scheme, it is sensible to make an appointment with an advisor from the national pension scheme. The advisor would provide you with more detailed information on the entitlements you have gained within the pension scheme.

Contact Details for Greifswald’s Branch of the National Pension Scheme [de]


In some cases it is a good idea to contact an accountant and/or tax advisor who would help you complete your tax statement. This will cost you money, but can be worth it with regard to moving costs, double taxation etc.  

Moving to a European Country

If you are moving to another European country, we suggest you contact the local office of the researcher advisor network EURAXESS. The Welcome Centre will be pleased to help you with this.


HR Department / Wages

Clarify the formalities you need to complete as part of your employment contract.
Ask the HR Department or your scholarship donor about the payment of your last wages or scholarship instalment. In unfortunate circumstances there can be an overlap between the last payment and your move. 

Clubs / Memberships

Terminate your memberships at clubs and associations.  

One Month Prior to Departure

Request the forwarding service from the postal service, the post will then be sent to your new address. This service is subject to a fee, but can be recommended.

Request the forwarding service online [de]

Einwohnermeldeamt (Resident Registration Office)

If you are moving abroad, you will need to deregister at the Einwohnermeldeamt (Resident Registration Office) a few days prior to your departure. This does not require a specific form, you will only need your passport or national ID card and your certificate of registration.

You will receive a confirmation of deregistration that you will need for certain formalities. For example, it is the only piece of proof that will be accepted for early termination of mobile or cable tv contracts if you are leaving to go abroad.

If you are a foreign national of a non-EU state, you do not have to deregister separately at the Ausländerbehörde (Immigration Office), the information that you are leaving Germany will be passed on automatically.

If you are moving to an address in Germany, you do not have to deregister in Greifswald. When you register at your new town of residence, you will automatically be deregistered in Greifswald. 


Return the books and resources you may have borrowed. 


If you are taking your car abroad, you have to notify the Kraftfahrzeugzulassungsstelle (Vehicle Registration Office). There, you will also receive further information on customs duties.

Contact details for the Vehicle Registration Office in Greifswald


If you intend to engage a removal/freight company with your removal, you will need to arrange for an appointment in good time. 

Bank Account

Terminate your bank account 

Welcome Centre Greifswald

Deregister from the Welcome Centre and, if you wish, leave us your new address to remain in contact with Greifswald. 

Moving Day
Read Meters

Read and note the electricity, gas and water meters. We recommend you get your landlord to confirm these readings when you hand over the keys. 

Removal Damage

We suggest you go on a last check through the empty flat and the staircase to document any damage that may have been caused during removal.

Handing Over the Flat Keys to the Landlord

Hand over the keys to the empty flat to the landlord. In ideal circumstances, a friend or work colleague should be present when the keys are handed over.