Feeding Rooms, Emergency Rooms, and Family Rooms

There are several feeding rooms and one feeding and family room at the University.

The rooms offer a retreat, especially for breastfeeding mothers. However, they can also be used by parents with older children. The emergency rooms also include an emergency daybed and a first-aid kit, meaning that the rooms can also be used for emergencies.

There are plans to introduce more feeding rooms.

Feeding and Emergency Room at Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Straße 15 A

The University’s first feeding and emergency room was opened officially on 11 August 2016.


The DFG Research Training Group 1870 BacRes set up the room to offer its staff a place to retreat with their children. The spokesperson of the Research Training Group, Professor Hammerschmidt, opened the feeding and emergency room and emphasised the need for family-friendly infrastructure for his team.

The room can also be used by all other members of staff and students.

The Family Service and the Purchasing Department ensured the facilities were suitable for children. There is a small kitchenette and the KidsBox gives children toys to play with.

All university members can open this room with their staff/student ID card.

Feeding and Family Room at Rudolf-Petershagen-Allee 1

A feeding and family room opened at the Research Institute for Evangelism and Church Development in April 2019. The room is child-friendly, has a nursing chair, a changing table, a washstand, and toys for children. There is also a kitchenette in front of the room for heating baby food.

Feeding Room at the Zoological Institute (Loitzer Straße)

There is a feeding and emergency room in the laboratory building of the Zoological Institute (Loitzer Straße).

The door can be opened following authorisation on the student/staff ID card. If required, please contact the secretary of the Zoological Institute.

Feeding Room at the Faculty of Theology (Rubenowplatz)

Another feeding room is located on the ground floor of the Faculty of Theology on the Rubenowplatz.

Feeding and Emergency Room at C_FunGene (Felix-Hausdorff-Straße 8)

In January 2018, C_FunGene opened its feeding and emergency room. This room was also set up by the DFG Research Training Group 1870 BacRes.

Only C_FunGene staff have access to this room. However, when working in the C_FunGene building, guests can obtain a guest pass for using the room from the respective secretariat.