Water for Everyone

Time: 10.00 a.m. - 4.00 p.m.
Place: Sports field, Hans-Fallada-Str. 11

The "Drinking Water Barkas" from the Stadtwerke Greifswald (public utilities company)

Since 2016, we have been distributing refreshing drinking water at the City Run and Cycling Festival from our sky-blue Barkas - built in 1991 – that we run together with the Stadtwerke Greifswald.
This time we are also providing support for the Health Awareness Day at the University of Greifswald so that everyone can experience the quality of the local drinking water for themselves.

The Stadtwerke pump around 3 million m³ of drinking water a year. It reaches the people of Greifswald and Gützkow via almost 400 km of water mains. Highest quality and purity goes without saying. Additionally, the public health department regularly monitors compliance with the strict regulations to ensure the quality of the drinking water. Our water from the waterworks in Groß Schönwalde, Hohenmühl and Gützkow is continuously tested. As a customer, you can rely on a first-class supply of drinking water. Water is life and nothing can replace it!

Further information at: https://www.sw-greifswald.de/Energie/Trinkwasser [de]