Mobee-Fit mobility measurement

Duration: approx. 20 min 

Location: Sports field, Hans-Fallada-Str. 11, at the DAK stand.

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Flexibility is not only a key qualification at work. Flexibility helps to improve posture and muscle function. This session provides information about the body's flexibility.

With the Mobee-Fit mobility measurement, you can find out what your current mobility is like. If there are limitations, the causes are analysed and the participants receive individual recommendations for action.


  • Determination of any limitations in mobility and the mobility of certain muscle groups
  • Individual advice on how to regain mobility


  • Brief overview of the patient's medical history and explanation of the measurement
  • 1st measurement: mobility of the neck muscles
  • 2nd measurement: mobility of the hip flexor
  • 3rd measurement: mobility of the hip extensor
  • 4th measurement: mobility of the lower back muscles
  • Evaluation of the data, consultation, handing out the results