You fulfil all of the requirements for studying in Greifswald? Then send us your application! Contact the International Office directly if you have any questions.

Application Procedure

Study applicants with foreign educational qualifications apply online via the uni-assist platform.

After registration, send all of the required documents and the signed original application form prior to the end of the application deadline to:

Universität Greifswald
c/o uni-assist e.V.
11507 Berlin

The processing takes around three to four weeks and is subject to a charge. Please transfer the processing fees to uni-assist before the end of the deadline.

If all of the requirements have been met, the University of Greifswald will receive the documents and decide whether to grant admission.

Please take note of the following information:

Required Documents
  • completed and signed application form with full CV
  • a copy of your passport
  • copy of your secondary school leaving certificate
  • proof of German language proficiency
  • if applicableacademic records (with list of subjects and grades) and degree certificates (final certificate, with list of subjects and grades)
  • if applicable proof that the applicant has passed the general university entrance examination (applies only to applicants from certain countries, e.g. Iran, Turkey, Korea, Vietnam)
  • Applicants from China, Mongolia, Vietnam: an APS certificate (check of the authenticity of educational biographies and certificates by the corresponding German embassy)
  • Applicants for Medicine and Dentistry: Certificate TestAS (test for foreign students/study ability test) – Core Test with a minimum score of 100 points - (only applies to applicants for the first semester and for study applicants from non-EU/EEA countries)
  • Applicants for Art, Music and Sacred Music: Copy of Aptitude test
  • Applicants for Master Landscape Ecology and Nature Conservation, Master of History and Culture of the Baltic Sea Region: Letter of motivation

Please note that all certificates must be submitted as a legally attested full copy in the original language and also as an officially certified translation (English or German). Find more information on legal attestation and translations here

Information for EU/EEA Citizens

Applicants from EU/EEA countries for the first subject semester in Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy must send their applications to the Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung. Further information on applications via the Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung and on the application process in Greifswald are available in German here [de]:

Medicine, Dentistry:


Application time:

Applicants from EU/EEA countries for the first subject semester in  Bachelorstudiengänge Biochemistry, Biology, Geography Geology, Human Biology, Landscape Ecology and Nature Conservation, Psychology and  Enviromental Science must start by registering with the Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung.  To register, you will be required to enter your personal details and will then be issued with an Applicant Identification Number (BID) and an Applicant Authentication Number (BAN). These are required for your application via uni-assist. Use the application portal for degree courses with local admission restrictions.

Dates and Deadlines for International Students
Summer Semester 2021
Semester dates 01.04.2021– 30.09.2021
Lecture period 06.04.2021– 10.07.2021
Degree courses for non-EU/EEA citizens 01.11.2020-15.01.2021
Degree courses for EU/EEA citizens 01.11.2020-01.03.2021
For degree courses with admission restrictions 01.12.2020-15.01.2021
German Language Course (DSH) 01.11.2020-15.01.2021
Sacred Music, Music
Art degrees,
Winter semester 2021/2022
Semester dates 01/10/2021–31/03/2022
1) Degree courses for non-EU/EEA citizens 01.05.2021-15.07.2021
Exception: Master LENC 01.11.2020-01.03.2021
2) Degree courses for EU/EEA citizens  
2.1) for Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy
2.2) for all other degree courses with restrictions 01.05.2021-15.07.2021
2.3) for degree courses with no admission restrictions 01.05.2021-01.09.2021
3) DSH German Language Courses 01.05.2021-15.07.2021
4.1) Sacred Music (D), Music
4.2) art degrees siehe Info
Recognition of Previous Study Achievements for Admission Requests to More Advanced Semesters

Coursework and examinations that have been completed abroad can usually be recognised for continuing the degree course in Greifswald. This makes it possible to apply for admission to a more advanced subject semester and to continue the degree course you started elsewhere or to start a different degree course in a more advanced semester.

If you wish to apply for admission to a more advanced subject semester due to previous study achievements, please indicate this on your application form.
The persons responsible for the recognition or transfer of credits vary depending on the degree course.

Bachelor’s, Diplom and Master’s Degree Courses

The decision is made by the University of Greifswald’s examination boards. The application form must be complemented by a detailed list of previously gained credits (academic records, lists of subjects and marks for all study years) and passed examinations.

Human Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy

Requests for the recognition of study achievements at foreign universities, must be sent to the following institutions:

Human Medicine

Bezirksregierung Düsseldorf
Landesprüfungsamt für Medizin, Psychotherapie und Pharmazie
Postfach 300865
40408 Düsseldorf, GERMANY
Tel.: +49 211 475 5150


Thüringer Landesverwaltungsamt
Referat 560
Weimarplatz 4
99423 Weimar, GERMANY
Tel.: +49 361 3773 7024


Hessisches Landesprüfungsamt für Heilberufe
Walter-Möller-Platz 1
60439 Frankfurt am Main, GERMANY
Tel.: +49 69 1567 711