Good Scientific Practice

Publication and Authorship

Who can be the author of a publication? Are there guidelines and recommendations that can help answer this question? Why are there still grey areas? Who can help?

"An author is a person who has made an original, identifiable contribution to the content of a scientific publication in the form of text, data or software." (Guideline 14 of the DFG Code of Conduct for Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice). So far, so good. But in reality, the situation is often more complex. Especially in the early stages of your scientific career, your own situation in questions of authorship is often characterised by a lack of experience, uncertainty and dependence on authorities. This workshop is designed to help you gain clarity about the common regulations, rights and obligations surrounding the topic of "publication and authorship", to become aware of the grey areas and to find out which addresses you can turn to when you have questions about scientific integrity.


Target groups
The seminar is aimed at doctoral students from all disciplines who would like to find out about issues of good scientific practice in relation to publication and authorship.


This workshop is offered twice a year (once in German, once in English). The dates and course language depend on the wishes of the participants. Therefore, please indicate your preferred date and course language (GER or ENG) under "Remarks" during registration. On the basis of these wishes, we will determine a date that can be attended by as many participants as possible. We will inform you of this date and the other details by email.


Online course registration


Moderation: Dr. Michael Schöner, Head of the Graduate Academy 

Date: by Arrangement

Lenght: 4 hours

Participants: max. 25

Format: Online- or face-to-face workshop

Language: German or English