Video Conferencing Systems

The University of Greifswald provides various video conferencing systems to enable lecturers to broadcast lectures, seminars, practicals or other classes online and interact with students live. BigBlueButton is the recommended system for classes and is integrated into Moodle. We recommend Jitsi for online consultation hours. Zoom for larger events and meetings.

Range of functions

  • Video transmission

  • Screen and file sharing

  • Chat

  • Usually a whiteboard

  • Usually an option for group working spaces (so-called breakout rooms), which enable temporary work in small groups.

  • Usually survey functions

Technical requirements

  • Stable internet connection

  • Computer/tablet/smartphone

  • Headset (or headphones/speakers and external microphone)

  • Webcam

  • If applicable, installed software (depending on the system)

Usually, participants have the opportunity to watch, listen and write in the chat. Own microphone, webcam and screen sharing rights must be activated for participants by the lecturer.

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