Hold online events

The well-known video conferencing software Zoom is suitable for holding online events with up to 300 participants. Zoom offers numerous functions for interaction, such as the selection of a background image or different settings for participants' views.

You can use Zoom both via the integrated version in Moodle (preferred) and via the Zoom software (which must be configured in advance in accordance with data protection regulations).

⚠️ Before starting your own online events with the Zoom software, please make sure that your personal Zoom account at the University of Greifswald is configured in compliance with data protection regulations ! ⚠️

You can reach Zoom within the University of Greifswald's Moodle via moodle.uni-greifswald.de (Shibboleth authentication).

And you can access your personal Zoom account via https://uni-greifswald-de.zoom.us (Shibboleth authentication - please make sure you comply with data protection regulations).

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FAQs and information on the campus licence and on the required data protection configuration of your personal account

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