Individual Advice

Tailor-made, trustworthy and inspiring - we will be happy to provide you with any required advice!

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You would like to integrate a new tool into your teaching or design your Moodle course in a modern way?
You have questions, but cannot find the answers?

  • How can I implement my ideas digitally?

  • How can I set up my Moodle course to match my teaching needs?

  • How can I provide my consultation hours in digital format?

  • Which tools can I use to organise collaborative group work?

  • What should I pay attention to when providing asynchronous learning tasks, e.g. digital self-assessments?

Then register for an individual consultation!   digitale-lehreuni-greifswaldde


Our team can provide you with new ideas and help for the implementation of your digital and hybrid teaching. On request, we can also provide individualised workshops for your team at your chair or institute.

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