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Every 14 days, short impulse lectures and practical reports are held on a topic from the field of higher education didactics by teaching staff from our university and external guests, which have so far provided the impetus for lively discussions, networking and collaboration beyond one's own subject boundaries.

The project is a cooperation with the team from University Didactics.

Previous focal points of the event series:

-Digital Examinations – Moodle
-Making courses engaging and learner friendly
-General legal terms and conditions
-Digital examinations with Moodle and EvaExam
-Digital poster conference as an alternative form of examination
-Podcasts as digital examination formats
-Learning journals and e-portfolios
-Project-based learning and (collaborative) final assignments
-Open book examinations
-Collaborative examinations / peer review as an alternative examination format

If you have any topic requests, please feel free to email them to: digitale-lehreuni-greifswaldde

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