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Support for Members of Teaching Staff: Student e-tutors support you with the implementation of digital teaching concepts.

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Do you have several ideas for the implementation of digital teaching and learning formats in your courses, but no time to put the ideas into practice? You can get support from student assistants via the e-tutor programme. Our e-tutors bring time and know-how for implementing ideas in digital teaching and learning formats.

Programme Coordinator: Anke Clausen


How can I take part in the programme?

How can I take part in the programme?

Lecturers with an idea for a digital teaching/learning format can apply for an e-tutor once a year. Applications must be submitted by December/January each year.

Motivated students are also welcome to send us an email at any time if they are interested in working as an e-tutor and would like to undergo our "eTUT" training and certification programme.

Illustration: programme phases for lecturers
Illustration: programme phases for lecturers
Which contents will be taught?

Which contents will be taught?

e-tutors are trained once a year by the Digital Education Department in the use and creation of digital formats, leading to a certificate. The training course takes place mainly during the non-teaching period and is carried out in a blended learning format that enables participants to experience and try out best practices in digital teaching for themselves.

Illustration: modules of the e-tutor training course
Illustration: modules of the e-tutor training course
What are the tasks and goals for e-tutors?

Our e-tutors


  • Advice on the selection and design of digital teaching formats (also with regard to student activation)

  • Creation of digital content (teaching videos, polls, quizzes, e-learning, online seminars, etc.)

  • Support in Moodle (design of a learner-friendly course environment, integration of various tools and activities).

  • Preparation and supervision of digital examination scenarios


  • Introduction to technology

  • Introduction to didactics

  • Introduction to copyright law


  • Gain practical experience in digital teaching

  • Media competence

  • Technical support

  • Teaching support

  • Link between teaching staff and students

  • ‘e-tutor’ certificate

How is the programme structured?

Structure of the programme

Start: February

Implementation of the concepts: from April

End: December

Illustration: programme phases for e-tutors
Illustration: programme phases for e-tutors

I Training Phase

The training programme of the student e-tutors takes place in a blended learning format, i.e. we combine face-to-face meetings with online learning phases. The online phases of the training programme are designed as a problem-based learning environment and combine both self-guided and cooperative learning phases. The cooperation between teaching staff and e-tutor is also firmly anchored in the programme.

II Practical Phase

The e-tutors supervise a specific course (in consultation with the respective member of teaching staff) and actively contribute their knowledge from the training cycle to the course design. They also provide technical support for Moodle and other digital teaching-learning tools. As a link between teaching staff and students, they take on important transfer tasks.

III Reflection and Conclusion Phase

The reflection phase extends over the entire duration of the e-tutor programme. There is a continuous reflection on both the training programme and the practical implementation during the semester. In the final phase, we will take a joint look at the results of the newly created teaching-learning formats and invite interested members of the university community to the final event. The e-tutors receive a certificate at the end of the programme.

Current Dates for the e-Tutor Training Phase

The dates of the training phase are for all future e-tutors who will be supported and trained by the Digital Education department. Applications for the training places for student employees are possible twice a year, in July and December.

Please check this page in German.

Moodle Course ‘e-Tutor Programme 2024’

Click here for the Moodle course of the 9th eTUT round in 2024

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