Dorthe G. A. Hartmann Elected Vice-President of EULETA

Dorthe G.A. Hartmann ©Vincent-Leifer, 2020
Dorthe G.A. Hartmann ©Vincent-Leifer, 2020

The association aims to foster networking and exchange of experience, teaching materials and other information that is relevant for teaching, in order to improve efficiency in the teaching of legal English. Membership of the association comprises teachers from the academic and commercial sectors, meaning that the association provides a useful connection between practitioners from various backgrounds.

The association organises workshops and conferences. Experts in the field of legal English meet up once a year to hold presentations, seminars and workshops on teaching methods, development of teaching materials and other key areas of teaching.

A EULETA workshop will take place at the University of Greifswald’s Faculty of Law and Economics to mark the 20th anniversary of the teaching of legal English [de] in Greifswald. This is being organised by Dorthe G. A. Hartmann and will take place in September 2022.

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