Festival Nordischer Klang Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Cover of the 30th Nordischer Klang @Taru-Rantanen

‘The Nordischer Klang thrives on its internationality and on-site encounters; hence we decided to reorganise the festival’s schedule,’ says Festival Director Prof. Dr. Marko Pantermöller. ‘The festival is now divided into three captivating waves that will allow us to responsibly deal with different circumstances in Greifswald and the Nordic countries.’ The digital programme for May includes a reading of the student project Neue Nordische Novellen VII and readings with the historian Bernd Wegner (DE) and the non-fiction author Maja Nielsen (DE). Additionally, a colloquium in literary studies on the aesthetics of Nordic Protestantism will be held digitally. For the first time, the festival’s programme also includes events on the Russian town of Vyborg, with which Greifswald has had a friendly relationship since 2018. In addition, historian Robert Schweitzer (DE) will hold a culturally framed digital lecture on the German and Finnish history of the town. Furthermore, the two Greifswald musicians Johann Putensen (piano) and Jacoba Arekhi (soprano) will perform a virtual Swedish song concert. The Swedish-Georgian film ‘And Then We Danced’ (2019) will be shown in cooperation with the Casablanca Film Club.

However, the festive event celebrating the festival’s 30th anniversary is supposed to take place with an audience on-site in August. The Finnish accordion virtuoso Antti Paalanen, who originally was supposed to be the festival’s opening act, will perform at the rescheduled event. ‘With Antti Paalanen and Suistamon Sähkö, the most bizarre and daring acts of Finnish folktronica will perform at this festival,’ says Artistic Director Dr. Frithjof Strauß.

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