Joint Statement from Greifswald’s Scientific Institutions

A hand holding a crystal ball in front of a poster with the words "Greifswald ist bunt"
The many colours of Greifswald, © Jan Meßerschmidt, 2021

Greifswald is a cosmopolitan and tolerant town. It is a home to people from all over the world. As scientific institutions, we employ and train employees and students from more than 100 countries, who enjoy living here and enrich not only our work, but also the town. In recent years, wars and forced displacement across the globe, but also in the heart of Europe, have led to waves of refugees, some of which have also landed in Greifswald. Welcoming these with accommodation that is fit for human habitation and integration offers are challenges that have been and are jointly managed by both state and society.

These new circumstances are also associated with reservations and fears. We are aware of these and ask those responsible in politics to take the articulated fears seriously and to find solutions that are met with the greatest possible approval. In spite of all the different positions, we encourage a debate that is based on facts. Exercising the rights of freedom of expression and demonstration are highly valued in the Federal Republic of Germany, however, they do not legitimise any form of verbal or physical threats. This oversteps the boundaries of objective debate and threatens the delicate threads that hold society together.

We call for a respectful treatment of all human beings and a peaceful coexistence. These are values that make our diverse and vibrant town a cultural, academic, and economic centre of the surrounding region.

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