University Medicine Promotes Cosmopolitanism and Tolerance

Poster with face from Greifswald - source: UMG/VUD
Poster with face from Greifswald - source: UMG/VUD

“There is no room for racism and xenophobia at University Medicine Greifswald!” Chair of the Board, Prof. Dr. Claus-Dieter Heidecke, found clear words to pronounce support for cosmopolitanism and tolerance: “Discrimination based on origin or skin colour are as inacceptable as disadvantages due to religious or sexual orientation.” University Medicine made its position clear on the 7th German Diversity Day on 28 May 2019. Large posters labelled “Wir sind Vielfalt” (we are diversity) have been mounted in the corridors and lifts. They show colleagues from all over the globe who work at one of Germany’s 34 university hospitals.

Greifswald’s protagonist is the 29 year-old dentist Maria Mksoud from Syria. She can also be seen in the “We are Diversity” campaign film  which is a joint production by the hospitals and is being shared over social networks, can be found on the websites and is being shown on Berlin’s S-Bahn. Maria Mksoud is currently completing a professional training course to become an oral surgeon.

Germany’s 34 university hospitals with more than 190,000 members of staff are promoting cosmopolitanism in a joint campaign that started on the 28 May 2019. The joint conviction is that the interaction of various persons, cultures and nations in medical care, research and teaching is invaluable for the provision of the best possible treatment and care for patients.

Further information on the employees’ stories can be found at and on the social web using hashtags #190000Gesichter #Vielfalt and #Toleranz.

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