Vehicle Fleet

Use of a vehicle from the University fleet

If private or university vehicles are used for business trips, the following must be observed:

  • Apart from the driver, a maximum of two people can travel in the car, and a maximum of four people in the minibus plus the driver. Persons with a cough, cold or similar are excluded, unless the harmlessness of these symptoms can be proven by a medical certificate or similar. Provided all occupants are fully vaccinated, recovered, or tested on the day, vehicles may be occupied by the maximum number of passengers.

  • Before starting the journey, hands must be disinfected with the hand disinfectant gel provided in the vehicle.

  • Any existing air recirculation function must be switched off.

  • During the entire journey, it is mandatory that all occupants (except the driver) wear an FFP face mask without an exhalation valve.

  • If at all possible, ensure regular brief ventilation of the interior, especially during longer journeys.

  • When driving with the driver and (only) one other person, the latter should sit in the back seat.

Employees undertaking a business trip are generally expected to travel by public transport. However, the University does have its own vehicle fleet for exceptions. In addition to the utility vehicles used for technical and site-maintenance operations, the fleet includes minibuses with up to eight seats for excursions and a number of cars for work-related travel. The relevant institutions must cover the costs of journeys made by vehicles belonging to the University.

The University's official vehicles may only be driven by people who, as employees of the State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, drive the official vehicle in the performance of their employment duties (so-called authorised driver of state-owned vehicles). A declaration to become an authorised driver of state-owned vehicles can be submitted to the Vehicle Fleet Management Team with proof of the necessary requirements (copy of driving licence, if applicable, proof of employment), as can vehicle reservations for a business trip.

The use of the University of Greifswald’s official vehicles is generally subject to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern’s regulations on the procurement, operation and sorting out of official vehicles used by the state administration (Kfz Richtlinie - Kfz RL M-V) [de] are generally applicable.

Service instructions for the fleet management’s administration and declaration to become an authorised driver of state-owned vehicles

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