Staff Council for Non-Academic Staff

The numerous members of non-academic staff are represented by their own staff council (the NPR), which represents their interests towards the employer. 

The NPR, which is elected by the employees for a term of four years, provides advice for general issues related to this group of employees and also for problems being experienced by individual employees. It is responsible for examining and ratifying various matters related to work conditions, employment contracts, working hours etc. The tasks are stipulated in the Personalvertretungsgesetz (Staff Representation Act) of the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (see § 58 ff.) 

Please note: University Medicine

Staff at the University of Greifswald and University Medicine Greifswald are represented by different bodies.

Information about University Medicine’s staff representatives and their contact details can be found on University Medicine Greifswald’s website.

Your Staff Council

Arne Uplegger


University Computer Centre 
Felix-Hausdorff-Straße 12 
17489 Greifswald

Tel.: +49 3834 420 1411 / 1167

Members of the Staff Council for Non-Academic Staff

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