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DAAD-Eastern Partnerships

Since the 1990s, one focus of the University of Greifswald's international orientation has been on cooperation with partner universities in Central Eastern, Eastern and South Eastern Europe.

The Eastern Partnership Program of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) strengthens and promotes partnerships between German universities and universities in Central Eastern, Eastern and South Eastern Europe as well as the countries of the South Caucasus and Central Asia. The DAAD has been funding the University of Greifswald's "Eastern partnerships" with travel and accommodation costs since the 1990s. The DAAD assumes that both partner universities will jointly participate in the funding.

Partner universities

As there have been no active partnerships with universities in the Russian Federation since 2022, new partner universities in Croatia and Armenia have been acquired.

Financial Support

The University of Greifswald provides funding through the programme in accordance with DAAD guidelines:

1. Travel allowances for stays at partner institutions

Greifswald researchers and staff can apply for the actual amount of travel expenses; for Greifswald PhD students and students, country-specific travel allowances can be applied for. Accommodation and daily allowances for Greifswald participants are not funded by the DAAD.

Some partner universities offer free/reasonably priced accommodation in guest houses or similar for guests from Greifswald. Support is available.

2. Short scholarships for stays in Greifswald

Visiting researchers, doctoral candidates and students from the partner universities can apply for daily allowances/short-term scholarships in the following amounts.
The travelling expenses of foreign guests should be borne by the home university.

  daily allowance per day short scholarship months maximum
scientists / employees max. 89 EUR max. 2.000 EUR 1 months
PhD students max. 54 EUR max. 1.200 EUR 3 months
students / Graduates max. 42 EUR max. 934 EUR 6 months

Procedure and Application

Greifswald scientists and employees can submit applications digitally via the IO portal for scientists and employees [de] by the following deadlines:

  • November 15 for project start from January of the following year
  • May 15 for projects starting from July of the current year

Academics from the partner universities first apply for the exchange at the International Offices of their home universities and after nomination via the IO portal of the University of Greifswald.

International Office
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