Research Transparency

The transparency of externally funded research has been a regular subject of debate in the general public, the media and politics for several years. The Stifterverband (Association of Foundations for German Science) published recommendations, which both call for transparency, but also speak in favour of strengthening the autonomy of the universities on this matter.

The University of Greifswald is a state-financed autonomous institution whose mission is to research and teach. As such, it is subject to the statutory principle of transparency. The University of Greifswald therefore provides regular information about its research activities, including research projects with private partners. At the same time, the University muss make sure it keeps private research partners’ company and business secrets confidential.

In a decision made by the Senate in July 2018, the University of Greifswald passed guidelines for transparency in research, which define the principles, ideals and legal obligations.

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