Good Scientific Practice

One of the constitutive prerequisites for scientific research is the observation of fundamental ethical standards in research, the so-called rules of good scientific practice. These rules include standards for the correct treatment of research data and the scientific achievements of third parties.

Anyone who suspects a case of academic misconduct can contact the Ombudsperson. The Ombudsperson will try to resolve the situation in confidential consultations with both parties. If there is justified suspicion of misconduct that cannot be clarified and resolved in a satisfactory manner, the Ombudsperson shall contact the University’s Self-Regulation in Science Committee. The Committee’s work methods have been defined in a statute. By creating this committee and naming ombudspersons, the University is following recommendations made by the DFG. The DFG supports the work of local institutions with its own Research Ombudsman and a corresponding committee. 

Teaching the values of good scientific practice is part of the university’s academic curriculum; they are taught to doctoral students as part of standard supervision, in research training groups and at events organised by the Graduate Academy. 

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