Logo of the KEF

Committee for the Ethical Evaluation of Security-Relevant Research (KEF)

If it is evident that a (planned) research project could cause considerable risk to the general public - whether this is due to sabotage or the non-intended use of research results by third parties (dual-use) - scholars and scientists at the University of Greifswald should contact the Committee for the Ethical Evaluation of Security-Relevant Research (KEF) for advice on ethics. 

The KEF was introduced in 2017 following a decision made by the Academic Senate on recommendation from the DFG and the Nationale Akademie Leopoldina.  The Committee’s members come from all of the university’s member groups. It advises scholars on a peer level, but also provides expert advice regarding ethical and legal aspects of security-relevant research and helps create awareness for ethical aspects of research. It reports annually to the Senate and to a committee created by the DFG and Leopoldina about its activities in a general and anonymised form that preserves the confidentiality of the advice provided. 


  • Faculty of Theology: Prof. Dr. Roland Rosenstock, Prof. Dr. Christfried Böttrich (substitute), Prof. Dr. Thomas K. Kuhn (substitute)
  • Faculty of Law end Economics: Prof. Dr. Stefan Harrendorf, Prof. Dr. Christian Fahl (substitute), Prof. Dr. Stefan Habermeier (substitute)
  • University Medicine: PD Dr. Matthias Gründling (Head of the UMG Ethics Committee)
  • Faculty of Arts and Humanities: Prof. Dr. Micha H. Werner, Prof. Dr. Konstanze Marx (substitute)
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences: Prof. Dr. Dörte Becher, Prof. Dr. Tim Urich (substitute)
  • Academic staff: Dr. Uwe Zimmermann, Dr. Thomas Kohler (substitute)
  • Students: Hannes Keppler, Florian Aschenbrenner (substitute), Christine Drzyzga (substitute)
  • Staff: Dr. Jens Hoppen, Dr. Stefan Seiberling (substitute)