Visiting the Archive

Before you visit the Archive, please take some time to become acquainted with the Terms of Use [de]. You can either send us your user application form [de] before you visit, or complete the form when you come to the Archive. Please also read and comply with our Privacy and Data Protection Information [de].

IYou are welcome to contact us before your visit and let us know what your field of research is or you can submit a specific request. If you already know which archived materials you would like to inspect, please fill in an order form [de] and send it by email to us one day before you visit the Archive. Please note that you can use this method to order a maximum of three units of archived materials.

Practice makes perfect

Is this your first time in the Archive? Has it been a while since you last read historical manuscripts? We’ve put together a selection of typical handwriting styles from our collections with which you can practice and improve your reading skills. Click on Transkribus.learn to find out more.