The Polish Cultural Festival polenmARkT 2023 (15-30 November 2023)

Motif of the polenmARkT festival 2023 in Greifswald, © polenmARkT e. V.

Stimulating evenings of film, literature and music await us, including numerous readings and discussions with interesting authors such as Joanna Bator (Bitternis), Dorota Masłowska (Bowie in Warsaw), Inga Iwasiów (Das späte Leben), Hans Bollinger (Unterwegs in Polen), Ulrike Dotzer (Goldener Boden), Rebecca Maria Salentin (Iron Woman), and Barbara Gawryluk (Unser Zuhause ist jetzt hier), as well as translators Olaf Kühl and Lisa Palmes [the names of the novels have been left in German as the readings and discussions will be based on their German translations]. The programme also includes exhibitions in the showcase window and in the CUBIC art cube (Michał Żak) and in the KunstLaden (Małgorzata Ragan). 

Music lovers will find a lot on offer: Hey Hato, reminds listeners of classic singer-songwriters such as Leonhard Cohen, Kathia, a newcomer from Poznan with an original voice, exceptional sensitivity and incredibly emotional and artistic maturity, Alex Marek, a jazz and entertainment pianist from Szczecin with an unmistakable sound, and Kirszenbaum, a mixture of Tom Waits and Junip with a Slavic twist. Of course you will also be able to party, this time with Alexander Pehlemann (Zonic Zound Zystem) at St. Spiritus. Heavy hardcore at the Klex with DICE DEAL and FINAL STRIKE is of course also a must. 

Film fans can look forward to short film evenings organised by the Krakow Academy of Arts and the Szczecin Film Festival.

Lectures on Polish history, Polish society and the migration crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border as well as the German-Polish speech with Dietmar Nietan, who has been the German Government's Commissioner for Poland since March 2022, round off the programme.

You are cordially invited to the colourful festival of Polish art and culture - Zapraszamy!

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Press release of polenmARkT e.V. from 09 October 2023

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