University of Greifswald Awards Prizes for Excellent Teaching

2023 Teaching Prize winners, © Patrick Geßner
2023 Teaching Prize winners, © Patrick Geßner

This year, the awards were given to lecturers who stood out in the categories “Research-oriented teaching", “Application-oriented teaching" and "Diversity sensitive teaching". In an online survey, students nominated more than 200 lecturers. The final 51 candidates who received at least three votes were shortlisted.

The jury, consisting of students from all five faculties, the Student Pro-Rector, the Pro-Rector for Studies, Teaching, Teacher Training and Internationalisation, as well as one representative each from the Student’s Union (AStA) and the Advisory Board for University Didactics and Digital Education, finally decided on the following three award winners:

Dr. Susanne Sievers received the Teaching Prize in the category Research-oriented teaching. Susanne Sievers is a research group leader at the Institute of Microbiology in the Department of Microbial Physiology & Molecular Biology. The students particularly appreciate that she brings content from her research into lectures and introduces students to real-life research applications with the help of current examples. The students praise that she also shares her own research experience and manages to promote the students' understanding for and interest in research.

Vladimir Arifulin was awarded the prize in the category Application-based teaching. Vladimir Arifulin is a lecturer for Russian at the Department of Slavonic Studies. What the students appreciate about his language-learning seminars, among other things, is that he takes away their fear of expressing themselves and speaking freely. The students emphasise that he helps them to recognise where the taught content will help them in their professional careers and how it can be applied in various careers at later stages of life. His classes always address aspects of teaching for students training to become teachers and this helps them to feel prepared for their future professional field.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Engeli was awarded the Teaching Prize for Diversity sensitive teaching. Stefan Engeli works at the Institute of Pharmacology, in the Department of Clinical Pharmacology. Students praise his commitment to integrating gender-sensitive teaching in medicine. He repeatedly draws attention to gender differences in pharmacology and supports events organised by the student project "Gender in Medicine" by giving presentations. With his teaching, he opens students' eyes to a medical approach that is more sensitive to the diversity of different people and thus lays the foundations for a gender-sensitive future.

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