Staff Council for Academic Staff

The numerous employees classified as researchers are represented by their own staff council, which advocates for their interests with the institution - the Scientific Staff Council (WPR). In addition to individual concerns, we must also consider the interests of all employees as a whole. In a collaborative and trusting relationship with the institution and other bodies, we are responsible for maintaining a peaceful working environment.

The Staff Council fulfills various tasks to support the employees it represents. The WPR requests measures (according to § 61 PersVG) that benefit the institution and its employees. It ensures compliance with applicable laws and regulations and also accepts suggestions and complaints from employees. It addresses the personal issues of staff members if the affected employees have submitted a participation request (see below).

Members of the WPR are elected for terms of four years and carry out their duties on a voluntary basis. These responsibilities, rights, and obligations are defined by the Personnel Representation Act for the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (cf. §§ 58 ff.). For example, they are responsible for reviewing and approving various employment and service-related matters, including the negotiation of service agreements.

The WPR provides advice on matters of general interest to its employee groups and also assists individuals with their problems. Please exercise your right to reach out to us in a timely manner if you encounter any issues - we are here to help you. Naturally, all members are bound by confidentiality and discretion.

Meeting Times

The meetings of the Staff Council for academic staff typically take place on Wednesdays during even calendar weeks at 10:15 a.m.

Office Hours

Due to staffing shortages, we are currently unable to offer regular office hours and consultations. However, please feel free to schedule an appointment by phone or email.

Note: University Medicine

The staff representatives of the University of Greifswald and University Medicine Greifswald are separate bodies.

Information and contacts to the staff representation of University Medicine can be found on the website of University Medicine Greifswald [de].