Students in Numbers

There are currently approximately 10,800 students enrolled at the University, and yet there is a remarkable student/professor ratio: for those of you, who love statistics - and a display of the University of Greifswald’s spectrum.

The Students in Numbers

More than 10,400 students were enrolled at the University of Greifswald for the winter semester 2016/2017.

In 1990/1991, only 3,211 students were in Greifswald, 10,414 students were enrolled for the winter semester 2016/2017. The following table provides an overview of the number of students in each of the faculties:

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FacultyWS 07/08WS 08/09WS 09/10WS 10/11 *¹WS 11/12WS 12/13WS 13/14WS 14/15WS 15/16WS 16/17
Faculty of Theology235284348407393331309280233216
Faculty of Law and Economics2,0672,4442,6992,7822,9402,7262,7282,5872,4692,308
Faculty of Medicine1,6481,6961,7141,7731,7581,8081,8341,8631,9051,927
Faculty of Arts and Humanities4,4384,4854,6224,1974,1953,7923,4573,2953,0562,850
Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences3,0892,9632,8983,0783,1423,0543,0613,1523,1593,089
DSH German Language Course22292319242560393531

 *¹ Psychology has belonged to the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences since winter semester 2010/2011.


What does the total number of students comprise?

WS 07/08WS 08/09WS 09/10WS 10/11 *¹WS 11/12WS 12/13WS 13/14WS 14/15WS 15/16WS 16/17
Foreign Students665629617616604601650636640664
1st Course semester, not including DSH2,5402,6052,7752,7152,9712,3692,2822,2982,1462,143
1st University semester, not including DSH1,8481,8231,7851,6521,7971,4331,3801,4091,3861,433

Where the students come from: Currently, 664 foreign students are enrolled, that amounts to 6.4% of the total number of students. The largest group of foreign students (65) comes from China, followed by Syria with 57 students.

But not only more and more foreign students are finding their way to Greifswald, the amount of students from other German states continues to increase. 62% of all students come from other states, if only students starting new courses are included, the proportion amounts to 68%.

International Students according to their Nationality: