Forms for Periods of Study with Erasmus+

To-do-Liste for Outgoing Students

  • To-Do List Erasmus+This is a list including details of steps in the application procedure, dates and documents, as well as requirements for the payment of the grant.

International Office
Nadine Voigt
Domstraße 58a
Ground Floor
17489 Greifswald
Tel.: +49 3834 420 1115

Required Documents

Prior to your Stay Abroad

1. Grant Agreement
Please fill in the Grant Agreement with your personal data (1st page) and send it as a Word file without signature to the International Office at least one month before departure.

Grant Agreement annexes (don´t have to be submitted to the International Office)

1.1. Special Grants
By filling in the Declaration of Honour, you can also apply for special funding in addition to the Erasmus support if the following are eligible for you:

  • Students with accompanying child
  • Students with chronic illnesses or disabilities (degree of disability 20 or more)
  • Working students
  • First-time academics
  • Travel by sustainable means of transport (train, bus, ferry, carpool, bicycle, walking).

Simply complete and sign the Declaration of Honour and submit it by email together with the Grant Agreement. Due to the budget situation in the Erasmus+ Programme, the grant may only be paid at a reduced rate.
The special grant must be applied for before the start of the stay. Applications submitted later cannot be considered.


2. Learning Agreement
As soon as the digital Learning Agreement (DiLa, OLA) is available, we will inform you about it on this page. In the meantime, please use the Word file provided below.
The courses you would like to attend at the host institution should be listed on the Learning Agreement. Find relevant courses by looking at the list of courses provided by the university. We recommend you take 30 ECTS per semester. However, 15 ECTS per semester are compulsory (and must be listed on the transcript of records (and/or language course certificate) provided by the host university). Please note that you might be required to pay back the funding in full or in part if you fail to meet the requirements (Article 3.8 of the Grant Agreement).

Information about the form: Enter your courses at the host institution into Table A. Enter equivalent courses at the University of Greifswald into Table B to ensure later recognition. Make sure your Learning Agreement is signed by your subject coordinator. Also send it to your host university for signing.

Learning Agreement Erasmus Europe:

3. Online Language Test (OLS Test)
Participation in the OLS test is cancelled due to technical problems on the part of the EU.


Study in the United Kingdom

If you want to study at an Erasmus+ partner university you may need to apply for a visa depending on your time of stay:

Exchanges shorter than six months: Here will be no visa needed (only for European citizen). You will enter the UK by the Visitor route. Whilst being abroad you are not allowed to earn money.

Exchanges between six and eleven months: Here a short-term study visa will be needed. You will apply for it by yourself. Costs are round about 186 GBP plus the Immigration Healths Surcharge which will cost 470 GBP per year or rather for your whole stay. Whilst being abroad you are not allowed to earn money.

During the Mobility

1. Changes to the original Learning Agreement
You can change your Learning Agreement within the first five weeks after arrival at your host institution. To do so, please fill out the following document and have it confirmed by the responsible persons by signature. Send the complete Learning Agreement to erasmusuni-greifswaldde.

2. Certificate of Arrival
Some partner universities would like to issue a Certificate of Arrival. You are welcome to use our template, but you do not have to submit the document to us. For us, only the Confirmation of Stay at the end of your stay is important. You can find the template for this under "Prior completing your stay".

Prior to Completing your Stay

At the end of your stay, please have the Confirmation of Stay completed and signed by the International Office of the host institution and send it to us by email. This document is important to confirm the actual period of your stay. The date of signature should be the last day of stay at the host institution or later.

Following your Stay

1. Report of your Studies Abroad
This must be submitted via email within 4 weeks after the end of your period of study abroad. Please use the provided form. It is best to download the document before you fill it out.

2. EU Survey
You will receive an invitation to take part in the EU survey via email. The sender’s address will be:


3. Transcript of Records
This will be sent to you or Greifswald’s International Office by the host institution. This should be submitted, together with the request for recognition of credits, in order to receive recognition of credits that have been completed abroad.


4. Report on Successful Recognition
If you were able to have your achievements abroad recognised in Greifswald, please also inform the International Office of the University of Greifswald. Use the document Learning Agreement "After the Mobility" for this purpose.