Forms for Periods of Study with Erasmus+

To-Do List for Outgoing Students

  • To-do List Erasmus+ [de]• This is a list including details of steps in the application procedure, dates and documents, as well as requirements for the payment of the grant

Required Documents

Prior to your Stay Abroad

1. Grant Agreement

Select the relevant Grant Agreement (make sure you select the right group and number of semesters) and send us the completed document for us to check (not yet signed) via email to the Erasmus office. Once you have received the returned form (that might have some changes), submit the signed original document to us!


Grant Agreement Annexes


2. Learning Agreement

The courses you would like to attend at the host institution should be listed on the Learning Agreement. Find relevant courses by looking at the list of courses provided by the university. We recommend you take 30 ECTS per semester. However, 15 ECTS per semester are compulsory (and must be listed on the transcript of records (and/or language course certificate) provided by the host university). Please note that you might be required to pay back the funding in full or in part if you fail to meet the requirements (Article 3.6 of the Grant Agreement).



Information about the form: Enter your courses at the host institution into Table A. Enter equivalent courses at the University of Greifswald into Table B to ensure later recognition[de]. Make sure your Learning Agreement is signed by your subject coordinator. Also send it to your host university for signing.


3. Online Language Test (OLS Test)

After submitting your Learning Agreement, you will receive an email with an invitation to take the test. The language of the test is based on the language of tuition at the host institution. The test can be taken online within 14 days and is a requirement for receiving Erasmus funding.

Following your Stay

Report of your Studies Abroad

This must be submitted via email within 4 weeks after the end of your period of study abroad. Please use the provided form.


OLS Test

You will receive an automatic email with an invitation to take the second online language test.


EU Survey

You will receive an invitation to take part in the EU survey via email. The sender’s address will be:


Transcript of Records

This will be sent to you or Greifswald’s International Office by the host institution. This should be submitted, together with the request for recognition of credits, in order to receive recognition of credits that have been completed abroad[de].