Create Interactive Content in a Moodle Course

The open source software H5P that is integrated into Moodle makes it very easy to create interactive content. Here you can quickly and easily design flashcards, gap texts, multiple-choice quizzes, maths exercises and much more. Theses can then be made available for self-study purposes.

You can reach H5P within the University of Greifswald’s Moodle pages via moodle.uni-greifswald.de [de] (Shibboleth authentication).

Sample image with H5P logo

H5P content formats

incl. link to English instructions directly from H5P

English multiple choice instructions
Multiple choice
English dialogue cards instructions
Dialogue cards
English mark words instructions
Mark words
English maths exercise instructions
Maths exercises
English presentation instructions
English drag and drop instructions
Drag and drop
English slide show instructions
Slide show
English repeating of words instructions
Repeating of words (exclusive to Chrome browser)
English interactive video instructions
Interactive video
English gap text instructions
Gap text
English virtual tour instructions
Virtual tour
English interactive image comparison instructions
Interactive image comparison
English quiz instructions
English gap text (drag) instructions
Gap text (drag)
English dictation instructions
English timeline instructions

H5P content explained via video tutorial

Video tutorial #1: H5P timeline [de] [03:03 min]

Video tutorial #2: H5P gap texts [de] [03:56 min]

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