General Terms and Conditions

We have collected important information and documents on the use of images and text as well as on copyright law in digital education below.

If you have any further legal questions, please contact the University of Greifswald’s Data Protection Officer or the Data Protection Office.

Use of material and sources


In support of digital education, the HOOU (Hamburg Open Online University) has produced and published a video on the topic "Digital Education and Copyright Law: Paragraph 60a UrhG, quotes, OER, etc. (What can I use as part of my teaching?)” [de]. Everything important is explained in under 12 minutes.

Use and data protection in Moodle

According to the framework conditions of § 60 Urheberrechtgesetz - UrhG (Copyright Law), materials created by another author may be used and published within lectures and classes. However, these materials may only be made available to teachers, participants and examiners of the respective lecture or class. This condition can be met, for example, by using a password-protected Moodle course.

Copyright law in (digital) university education (FHWS) [de]

Furthermore, it must be noted that a maximum of 15% of a publication, including press articles, can be used without obtaining permission. This 15% rule does not apply to out-of-print publications, publications in scientific journals and minor or short pieces.

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