E-Administration Office

Since January, the tasks and areas for the digitisation of the administration at the University of Greifswald have been united in the E-Administration Office.
The digital transformation has been advancing for years with the increasing significance of information and communication technology (ICT) and demands major changes that of course also apply to the administration of higher education administration.

With the aim of creating an agile, transparent and efficient university administration, analogue processes, some of which are highly decentralised, are being optimised step by step and transferred to the digital realm. The E-Administration Office was established to unite the required core competencies and to ensure the efficient use of existing resources.

IT Administration

  • User and application support for administrative systems

  • On-Site support for hardware problems with central support by making use of the IT ticket system

  • Training of staff on technical and process-related basics of administrative IT, which is also linked to the strengthening of local IT competencies in the University’s administration

Data Protection Management

  • Coordination of data protection management
  • Data protection support for the introduction of new procedures, systems or services
  • Support and coordination for general, non-specific confidential data protection issues at the university

E-Administration Introduction Project

  • Optimisation and standardisation of the University’s administration processes

  • Digitisation of administrative processes as part of the introduction of e-administration

  • The processing of key fields of e-administration takes place in individual sub-projects [de]

Anja Mauritz, Head of E-Administration Office
Anja Mauritz, Head of E-Administration Office

Anja Mauritz

Head of E-Administration Office 
Room E.02
Domstraße 58a
17489 Greifswald
Tel.: +49 3834 420 1110