Introducing e-Administration to the University of Greifswald

Photo: Zeller

The University of Greifswald’s administration is to be digitised step by step in the coming years. During this ‘restructuration’ phase, information will be gathered about existing processes that will then be optimised to enable synergy effects. The digitisation shall then be used to standardise processes and integrate them into centralised systems.

Legal frameworks such as the amended E-Governmentgesetz M-V (e-Government Act) 2021 and the EU ordinance on the acceptance of e-invoices play a decisive role. However, the introduction of e-administration should not only be seen as complying with legal provisions, but also as a chance for reducing the amount of red tape and for modernisation. The potential provided by digitisation can and must be used to improve efficiency and effectivity to enable the best possible use of the existing limited resources. The University of Greifswald must not fall behind other universities.

It is therefore not a question of ‘if’ and ‘when’, but rather ‘how’.

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