Manage (Project) Members

Project managers can only assign tasks and responsibilities to members of the project. It is therefore necessary to add all members that will work on a project in OpenProject. The project management independently manages the members of its project.

Adding registered members

Persons who have previously registered with OpenProject and agreed to the required conditions are considered registered.


The project management can enter the names of registered users directly, by clicking on the button “+ Member” and selecting them in the search box “Add existing users/groups”.

Image 1: add member.
Image 2: select member.

Once a member has been added, the project management can assign one or more roles to them.

Image 3: assign role(s).

Invite new members

If you would like to add a person who has not yet registered with OpenProject, you will need to send them an invitation link via email. This function is only available to users with the role "project management".

Please note: all members of staff at the University of Greifswald can register with OpenProject at any time by logging in with Shibboleth. Sending an invitation via email is therefore more suitable for project participants from outside of the university community.


Use the red "+" button to select the function for inviting new users: "Invite user".



If you are the project manager of several project rooms in OpenProject, check you have selected the correct project that you would like to add members to. Next, select "User".


In the following steps, you must now enter the email address of the person you would like to invite and their intended role in your project.

You can write an individual message when sending the invitation. You will then be given another chance to check the details before sending the invitation to the project.

Image 4: invite a member
Image 5: set the type of invitation.

First steps as project manager in OpenProject

The following pages provide you with information about configuring the general settings for your project in OpenProject.