Configuration of Project Room

Detailed information on configuring projects in OpenProject can be found in the user guide. This can be accessed from the OpenProject homepage.

After the project room has been opened by the E-Administration Office, the project manager can change certain settings at its own discretion. It is not necessary to adjust the preset default standards for all features.

You can configure your project in the overview menu by clicking on the "Project settings" tab. All of the available settings are displayed conveniently in a separate list. However, it is not possible to adjust the settings of all of the configuration options on display. Therefore, the features that are mainly relevant for project management are: information, modules, work package types.

Store information

It is recommended that essential information about the project is stored in OpenProject. This will be visible to all members on the project overview page if they are using the standard view. You can enter and edit this information via the configuration menu "Information".

Image 2: Editing the project information.
Image 1: Menu list view.

Select modules

OpenProject has various functions that can be made available to the respective project room (and therefore the members). This is done by selecting modules when configuring the project in OpenProject. Project management can determine which functions should be available to members during the course of the project and those that shall remain unavailable.  

The desired functions for the respective project room can be selected in the configuration menu “Modules”. By default, all of the currently activated modules are selected.

Please note: The GitHub service has not been successfully connected to OpenProject yet. However, this function will be available with the next system update.

Image 3: Selection of modules.

Set work package types

In the "Work package types" configuration menu, you can select which types of work packages can be created in the project. The default configuration includes these types: work package, task, milestone and phase. It is not necessary to adjust the default standards for this section.

Image 4: Selection of WP types.

First steps as project manager in OpenProject